Pentair Myers Aplex MA Series Pumps

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Pentair Myers and Myers Aplex triplex and quintiplex reciprocating pumps are built for heavy, continuous duty 24-hours per day, 365 days per year application. They provide high pressure pumping solutions and are designed to handle the toughest applications.

  • Available in configurations to comply with the Hydraulic Institute standards as well as API674 standards.
  • Metallurgies available are Ductile Iron, Aluminum Bronze, Carbon Steels and a variety of Stainless Steel.

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MA-15M Triplex, MA-15H Triplex, MA-25L Triplex, MA-25M Triplex, MA-25H Triplex, MA-40L Triplex, MA-40M Triplex, MA-40H Triplex, MA-45M Quintuplex, MA-45H Quintuplex, MA-60M Triplex, MA-60H Triplex, MA-75L Quintuplex, MA-75M Quintuplex, MA-75H Quintuplex, MA-95L Triplex, MA-95M Triplex, MA-120L Triplex, MA-120M Triplex, MA-120H Triplex, MA-155L Triplex, MA-155M Triplex, MA-155H Triplex, MA-240K Quintuplex, MA-240L Quintuplex, MA-240M Quintuplex, MA-240H Quintuplex