Franklin Electric DR Series Pump End Kits

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These Franklin Electric DR series close-coupled centrifugal pump end kits are available in a variety of materials to enable handling of a wide array of applications and are for customers who choose to provide their own 56J or 56C motors to pair with the pump.

See product sheet to learn more about these Pump End Kits.

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DR1C05-SS-K Stainless Pump End Kit – 1/2hp, DR1C07-SS-K Stainless Pump End Kit – 3/4 hp, DR1C1-SS-K Stainless Pump End Kit – 1 hp, DR2C1-CS-K Cast/Stainless Pump End Kit – 1 hp, DR2C15-CS-K Cast/Stainless Pump End Kit – 1-1/2 hp, DR2C2-CS-K Cast/Stainless Pump End Kit – 2 hp