Cup Leathers

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S.H (Small Hole)

L.H. (Large Hole)

Cup leathers are sealing components commonly used in certain types of valves and pumps to create a tight seal between moving parts, such as a piston or plunger, and the surrounding casing or cylinder. They’re shaped like a cup, with a tapered or rounded bottom and a flared or lip-like opening. They’re usually installed in a recess or housing and pressed against the surface to create a seal. Cup leathers are known for their durability, resilience, temperature resistance, and flexibility, enabling them to effectively prevent leakage and maintain a secure seal even under varying pressures.

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Size and Hole Size

1" S.H., 1-1/4" S.H., 1-7/16" S.H., 1-1/2" S.H., 1-5/8" SH, 1-3/4" S.H., 1-13/16" S.H., 2" S.H., 2-1/2" S.H., 3" S.H., 1-1/4" L.H., 1-3/8" L.H., 1-1/2" L.H., 1-5/8" L.H., 1-11/16" L.H., 1-3/4" L.H., 1-13/16 L.H., 1-7/8 L.H., 2" L.H., 2-1/8" L.H., 2-1/4" L.H., 2-3/8" L.H., 2-1/2" L.H., 2-3/4" L.H., 3" L.H., 3-1/2" L.H., 4" L.H.