Berkeley SN Series Shallow Well Jet Pumps


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ProJet SN Series Pumps provide excellent performance with good pressure for wells to 25′ deep. Self-priming after the priming chamber has been filled with water.

Max. Liquid Temperature: 140°F
Max. Inlet Pressure: 50 PSI
Average Priming Time (in minutes) at
15 Feet:
5SN = 2.3; 7SN = 1.7
10SN = 1.3; 15SN = 1.1
Average Priming Time (in minutes) at
25 Feet:
5SN = 6.4; 7SN = 4.4
10SN = 4.4; 15SN = 2.6
Body: Close-grained cast iron
Nozzle: High-strength Lexan®
Venturi: Lexan
Impeller: Noryl®
Diffuser: Reinforced polypropylene
Shaft: One-piece threaded, 416 grade
stainless steel
Base: Steel, 12 gauge

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