A.Y. McDonald 27000 Series Booster Pumps

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The A.Y. McDonald 27000 series Booster Pumps are a reliable and efficient solution for boosting water pressure and improving water flow in residential and commercial applications. With their sturdy construction, user-friendly design, and reliable performance, they ensure a consistent water supply and enhanced water pressure for various needs.

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– Keyed shaft motor with shaft extension/coupling for easy motor replacement
– Heavy duty corrosion resistance construction
– No-Lead Brass intake and discharge
– Thermoplastic impellers and diffusers for long life
– Stainless steel shell, shaft extension and hex shaft
– 3/4” Ceramic/carbon rotary mechanical seal
– 1 1/4” Intake, 1 1/4” Discharge
– Drain plug

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27150KHB 1-1/2hp 10gpm 1ph, 27100KHB 1hp 10gpm 1ph, 27200PHB 2hp 20gpm 1ph, 27150KHBZ 1-1/2hp 10gpm 3ph, 27200MHBZ 2hp 25gpm 3ph