Alderon 20′ Mini Doser Medium Angle Pump Switch

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The 20′ Mini Doser Medium Angle pump switch is used to turn a pump on and off in environments with temperatures up to 140° F. This product can be used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to: septic tanks, sump pits, holding tanks, pump chambers, water tanks, and any other liquid tanks.

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20′ Mini Doser™ Medium Angle Pump Switch, 230VAC Piggyback Plug, Pump Down, Stainless Steel Pipe Clamp, Boxed

Part Number: 7183


  • Primary Voltage
    120VAC or 230VAC, 60 Hz
    (voltage depends on model/part number
  • Amperage
    15 Amps
  • Float Housing Material
    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Float Housing Size
    3.25 inches (diameter) x 4.55 inches (length)
  • Cable Type
    SJOOW (UL/CSA), 14 gauge, 2-conductor,
    flexible, and water/oil resistant
  • Connection Types
    Bare Lead (no plug; 120/230VAC)
    Piggyback Plug (120VAC or 230VAC)
  • Operating Temperature
    0 – 140° F
  • Switching Differential
    40° total (reduced range/medium angle)
  • Switch Configuration
    Single Pole, Single Throw (NO only)
  • Certifications
    UL (US and Canada)
  • Three-Year Limited Warranty

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