Ziron Chemical-Free Iron Filter


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Ziron is the latest addition to Waterite’s family of automatic backwashing
filters, designed to eliminate the damaging effects of iron in your household
water supply. Ziron systems are capable of handling moderate levels of iron
in your water supply, without the need of messy and expensive chemicals.


Operating Ambient Temperature: 34 ̊F (1 ̊C) – 120 ̊F (49 ̊C)
Operating Water Temperature: 34 ̊F (1 ̊C) – 100 ̊F (38 ̊C)
Operating Pressure: 20 – 100 psi (1.38 – 6.89 bar)
Operating pH: 6.8 – 9
Inlet/Outlet: 1’’ (2.54 cm)
Maximum Dissolved Iron: 4.0 ppm
Maximum Hydrogen Sulfide * 2.0 ppm
* Hydrogen sulfide removal ability ONLY applies to Ziron-C series units.

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