SJE Rhombus XPERT WiFi Alarm System – no float

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NEMA 1 enclosure rated for indoor use
• 2 sensor inputs to monitor 2 separate alarm conditions
• LED alarm light ring alerts you of alarm status; red for alarm 1, amber for
alarm 2
• Audible alarm activates alarm 1, alarm 2, low temperature and low
battery chirp
• LED power indicators (green = primary power, amber = battery backup,
red = low battery)
• LED network status indicator (blue flashing = network connection setup,
blue constant = network connection established)
• Text and/or email notifications: alarm, power lost, power restored, low
temperature, low battery and alarm offline
• Notifies up to 4 contacts (2 email contacts and 2 text, text in country code
1 only, maximum of 10 text messages sent per day)
• Simple Access Point Mode push-button WiFi connection (or Ethernet)
• Large, easy-to-use test/silence push-button located conveniently on front
of alarm
• Includes auxiliary contacts for attachment of remote devices (continues to
operate during loss of power)
• Automatic alarm reset and integral rechargeable battery backup

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VOLTAGE: Primary: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 5 watts max.
(alarm condition) Secondary: 5 VDC
rechargeable lithium
ALARM ENCLOSURE: 5.5 x 4 x 1.75 inch
(14 x 10 x 4.5 cm), NEMA 1 plastic.
ALARM HORN: 80 decibels at 10 feet (3 meters)
POWER CORD: 6 foot (1.8 meter) MicroUSB
For float switch connection only – do not
apply power. (Voltage across terminals is 3 VDC).
FLOAT SWITCH: SJE MilliAmpMaster™ control
switch with mounting clamp
Cable: 10 feet (3 meters), flexible 18 gauge, 2
conductor (UL) SJOW, water-resistant (CPE)
Float: 2.74 inch diameter x 4.83 inch long
(7.0 cm x 12.3 cm), high impact, corrosion
resistant polypropylene housing for use in
sewage and water up to 140°F (60°C)
WIFI: Connect using Access Point Mode or
manually by using Ethernet connection (ethernet
cable not provided). WPA2 security required on
wireless router.
ETHERNET: Requires an ethernet connection
(ethernet cable not provided).
NOTE: Cellular WiFi hotspots are not
recommended for use with this WiFi alarm,
as intermittent or unreliable notification
service can result.
normally closed (CSA certified) Voltage: ≤ 30
VAC/VDC (Class 2) Current: 1 amp maximum

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