Pentek XE Series 4″ Submersible Motors

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  • Laser-welded 304L stainless steel construction
  • Higher-thrust capacities
  • Higher efficiencies
  • 1/2 − 5 HP, Single Phase, 2 & 3 Wire, 115V and 230V, 60 Hz
  • 1/2 – 10 HP, Three Phase, 3 Wire, 200V, 230V, 460V and 575V, 60 Hz

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Pentek offers a complete line of XE Series 4″ Submersible High-Thrust Motors. Built with the latest design, manufacturing, and testing technology, they feature laser-welded 304L stainless steel construction, higher-thrust capacities and higher efficiencies.

See spec sheets for more information about these products.

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P42B0005A1 PSC 2-wire 1/2hp 0.37kw 115v 60hz, P42B0005A2 PSC 2-wire 1/2hp 0.37kw 230v 60hz, P42B0007A2 PSC 2-wire 3/4hp 0.55kw 230v 60hz, P42B0010A2 PSC 2-wire 1hp 0.75kw 230v 60hz, P42B0015A2 PSC 2-wire 1 1/2hp 1.1kw 230v 60hz, P43B0005A1 CSIR 3-wire 1/2hp 0.37kw 115v 60hz, P43B0005A2 CSIR 3-wire 1/2hp 0.37kw 230v 60hz, P43B0007A2 CSIR 3-wire 3/4hp 0.55kw 230v 60hz, P43B0010A2 CSIR 3-wire 1hp 0.75kw 230v 60hz, P43B0015A2 CSIR 3-wire 1 1/2hp 1.1kw 230v 60hz, P43B0015A3 3-phase 1 1/2hp 1.1kw 230v 60hz, P43B0015A4 3-phase 1 1/2hp 1.1kw 460v 60hz, P43B0015A5 3-phase 1 1/2hp 1.1kw 575v 60hz, P43B0015A8 3-phase 1 1/2hp 1.1kw 200v 60hz, P43B0020A5 3-phase 2hp 1.5kw 575v 60hz, P43B0020A8 3-phase 2hp 1.5kw 200v 60hz, P43B0030A5 3-phase 3hp 2.2kw 575v 60hz, P43B0030A8 3-phase 3hp 2.2kw 200v 60hz, P43B0050A4 3-phase 5hp 3.7kw 460v 60hz, P43B0050A5 3-phase 5hp 3.7kw 575v 60hz, P43B0050A8 3-phase 5hp 3.7kw 200v 60hz