Pentek Submersible Motor Controls

Standard controls for single-phase 3-wire submersible motors

  • 1/2 – 5 HP
  • Single-Phase Controls
  • 60 Hz

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Pentek offers a full range of 1/2 – 5 HP models that are interchangeable with existing motor controls for Capacitor Start/Induction Run (CSIR) and Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run (CSCR) applications. Pentek is the professional choice in harsh and high temperature installations.

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Catalog No.

SMC-CR0521 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 1/2hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-CR0721 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 3/4hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-CR1021 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 1hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-CR1521 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 1 1/2hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-CR2021 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 2hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-CR3021 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 3hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-CR5021 Capacitor Start/Capacitor Run 5hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-IR0511 Capacitor Start/Induction Run 1/2hp 1ph 115v 60hz, SMC-IR0521 Capacitor Start/Induction Run 1/2hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-IR0721 Capacitor Start/Induction Run 3/4hp 1ph 230v 60hz, SMC-IR1021 Capacitor Start/Induction Run 1hp 1ph 230v 60hz