Myers ME50S-11 Cast Iron Effluent Pump


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  • 1/2hp
  • 2″ discharge
  • manual switch

The ME series is ideal for use in mount and trench pressure distribution systems with a durable motor that will deliver many years of reliable service.


Two-vane cast iron impeller design provides maximum dosing efficiency

Enclosed design for high-efficiency pumping

Eliminates possibility of jamming between impeller and volute

Passes full 3/4″ solids

Durable motor will deliver many years of reliable service

Oil-filled motor for maximum heat dissipation and continuous bearing lubrication

Optional seal leak probe warns of seal leak condition (dual seal motors only); helps prevent costly motor damage

Motors have a winding current and temperature-sensitive overload (single phase only)

Volute seal ring is replaceable; restores pump to original performance if wear should occur

Motor is held in place by 4 screws; easily removed if service if ever needed

See data sheet for more information about this product.

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