Liberty PC257-441 Sump Pump Combo Package


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  • Primary Pump, 115 V
  • 441 Back-up Pump, 12 VDC
  • 1-1/2” PVC piping with rubber coupler between primary pump and back-up pump (rubber coupler provides easy removal and serviceability of back-up pump)
  • Check valve included on primary pump and back-up pump
  • Completely assembled
  • Maximum fluid temperature 140˚ F
  • Battery not included. 12-volt marine-type deep cycle battery recommended. (Group 27 or 31 AGM or Wet Cell compatible)

Fully assembled and automatic operation. Provides uninterrupted pumping in the event of power outage or main pump failure. Compact profile will fit minimum 15″ diameter sump pits. Back-up Pump (Model 441) offers advanced energy efficient 1000mA switch mode charger. Self-resetting 24-hour silence. Audible and visual alarm warns of backup pump operation.  System includes primary pump check valve and back-up pump check valve.

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