Berkeley MGP Series High-Pressure Booster Pumps


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The MGP/MGPS Booster Pumps are the most durable booster pump available. The proven SignaSeal floating impeller design minimizes thrust loads, allowing for continuous operation without damage to motor bearings, mechanical seal or pump hydraulic components.

Applications include: Residential, commercial or agricultural pressure washing, Booster and spray systems, Filtration and reverse osmosis, HVAC, and General purpose pumping

Max. Inlet Pressure: 80 PSI
Max. Working Pressure: 315 PSI
Max. Suction Lift: 15 feet
Maximum Limits: Prolonged use with
liquids above 140°F is not recommended.
MGP Series: cast iron
Motor Adapter and Base:
MGP Series: cast iron
Shell: Stainless steel 304 grade
Impeller: Acetal
Diffuser: Polycarbonate
Shaft: Stainless steel 304 grade
O-Rings: Buna-N
Mechanical Seal: Carbon/ceramic,

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