Berkeley LT2 Series Jet Pumps


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LT2 Series Multi-Stage jet pumps are the highest performing pumps available in the category. The LT2 Series Convertible Jets utilize the Berkeley built-in regulator, offering easier priming and better range of performance from a complete line of Shallow Well, 4″ Double Pipe, 2″, and 3″ Single Pipe Jet Packages. Pump may also be operated as a self-priming centrifugal (to 25 ft) to provide a wide range of high pressure applications.

Body: One-piece rugged cast iron
Pump and Motor Shaft:
416 stainless steel
Impeller: Polycarbonate
Diffuser: Corrosion-resistant cast iron
Pressure Switch Pre-Set: 30–50 PSI
Suction Ports: Drive-over-Suction

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