Armstrong Body Gasket


SKU: ARM 104442-000, ARM 106049-000, ARM 106050-000, ARM 106158-000, ARM 106592-000 Category:

Armstrong body gaskets are essential sealing components used in various equipment and systems. They are specifically designed to create a tight and leak-free seal between the body and cover of valves, pumps, or other fluid handling devices. With their precision engineering and reliable performance, Armstrong body gaskets contribute to the safe and efficient operation of equipment and systems by providing a dependable seal. See below for model and associated Gasket Part #.

Model Part #
S-25 104442-000
S-35, H-32 106049-000
S-45, S-46, H-41 106050-000
S-55, S-57, H-51 to H-54 & 1050 106158-000
S-69, H-63 to H-68& 1060 106592-000
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