Aquaworx Intelligent Pump Controller (IPC) Panel

  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Manual / Off / Auto Operation
  • Audible alarm with push to silence
  • Floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber
  • Programmable on and off timer
  • Programmable start, stop and alarm level
  • Date / time stamped event log
  • Simplified wiring for easy installation
  • Data logging provides easy access to historical data
  • Accurate timing eliminates need for stopwatch
  • Liquid level displayed for draw-downs means no tape measure required
  • Veto level override function allows different timing at different loads

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The Aquaworx Intelligent Pump Control Panel provides an innovative approach to pump control. Designed specifically for the onsite industry, the IPC Panel leverages simple pressure transducer technology for the enhancement of pump system performance and ease of installation. Relying on an embedded microprocessor in the pump controller and a floatless pressure transducer in the pump chamber, the IPC Panel monitors liquid levels, controls pumping time intervals, and logs events in real-time.

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Aquaworx IPC-D01 Duplex Panel (19807), Aquaworx IPC-S01 Simplex Panel (19816)