A45/760 45K Water Softener

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Water softeners eliminate issues caused by hard water inside your home. Not all water is hard, but you know if you have it. Dissolved minerals found in hard water can clog drains, build scale in pipes, and make your appliances less efficient. It also affects the quality of your laundry and the lather of soaps in your showers. You can solve these problems by adding a water softener to your home.

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Products Used in Package:

PVC 07010000 | 3/4″ PVC Sch 40 Pipe by the foot

WAT 065600 | WC1054EN 10×54 Tank Natural

WAT 082000 | 001X8NA Resin

WAT 082500 | A8081 Gravel 1/4″X1/8″- 50 lb Bag

WAT 095000 | D1203 Upper Basket 1″

WAT 095050 | D121304 Lower Basket 1″

WAT 1236246 | Cover 253-278 Logix Valve

WAT WR11361 | 1242692 255 Valve c/w 760 Logix for A30/760